Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Great entry! Been thinking about getting a few chickens for my hobby farm.

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We have chickens.  I’m really enjoying the education I’m getting from all the benefits of having them. Other than really fresh organic eggs, the compost they provide for the garden is unbeatable. The converted shed I made for them as a hen house was a cross between a barn and the children’s play place at McDonald’s…evidently they aren’t into playing as much as I thought. But I can hardly wait to build another.

While I was shoveling “compost” the other day, I was thinking how resourceful chickens are with their daily offerings and the thousands of uses eggs provide for us, you know, like cake, waffles, egg-nog…and Rocky would never have made 5 more sequels had he not drank a half-dozen raw eggs to train with. Haven’t had too much experience eating the chickens, cooking up an old dried up hen isn’t as tasty as you would think, (because I…

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Pulling Weeds: The Thrill, The Therapy, the Thighs


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There is no better therapy than ridding the vegetable garden of obnoxious weeds. This primal act takes very little mental acuity and permits my savage-like tendencies Yes, survival is the name of the game in my plot of paradise and I’m “god” here. Like in the Garden of Eden–I say who stays and who is forbidden. So Mr. Bindweed you must go! The pure pleasure of pulling, tearing, and digging out the root feels empowering. I clean the “weeds” from my mind. You know, the ones that sap nourishment from living in the present. Many thoughts (I mean “weeds”) are rather effortless to remove such as a young Nutsedge These roots are shallow. But others are the Crabgrass of the garden and require tenacity on my part. These hateful memories of past deception are like the Crabgrass of the garden. Their roots run deep into the fruitful spaces of my life and take me prisoner.
Pull. Pull. Dig. Now you are free little tomato. Develop and be fruitful!
Not only do I mentally tone but I give my legs and butt a work out. Nothing sexier than a tight butt. Squats and Forward Bends are my workout for the day. Who needs a gym when there is a row of corn that needs weeded.
Common Plants Considered Weeds by Vegetable Growers problems/

Proper Forward Bend.

Better than…well you know…


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Newly divorced. Wow! Again??
Ok I’ve got to find a new beginning. What better way to experience a new beginning than in a garden. Not just any ol’ plot of dirt, but MY DIRT. God knows I’ve recently been through my share of a dirt-filled life. Hence the divorce–again.
Nothing as peaceful as meandering through my garden; looking for signs of growth, progress, and intruders. What? Japanese beetles!!! Those damned beetles copulating on my green bean blooms. As I saw the “unseeable” it occurred to me. This isn’t just a new hobby for a washed up, divorcee. This garden is a paradise for sex appeal.